Saturday, August 28, 2004

the street heats the urgency of sound

artie's wedding was today; it was a great time. he and lisa are going to be great together. i've never seen him so happy, it was really cool. also got to see dave and brinkman for the first time in forever, the old young life leaders, nick l., ryan mcallister, robert, mark, and a bunch of other cool folks. had to leave the reception a little early so jess could get to work but it was still a good time.

played poker with austin and his brother's friends last night. it was sweet. i came in second and won $10, so i made a $5 profit. i definately got lucky with the cards. one hand i got called all in on and won; after the next hand i was the chip leader, so i had two huge hands there. it finally came down to me and corey, and it went back and forth for awhile. i finally decided to just get it over with and went all in; i ended with a queen high flush, but corey beat me with an ace high flush. still, it was my first time playing for money and i beat four other guys who play a lot, so i'd say i did pretty freakin' well. plus i got to take poor austin's money, so that's always fun.

going to see napoleon dynamite tonight. it better be funny or i'm making austin watch alien over and over till he likes it.

Friday, August 20, 2004

ticking away the moments that make up the dull day

well despite all my ranting, i preordered the star wars trilogy on dvd. i got it through justin's link from amazon; i couldn't pass up a $70 pack for $42. i guess i'll just have to wait to see what kind of damage lucas did.

my japanese history prof still hasn't fixed my incomplete, and in a week in turns into an F. which means i'm ineligible for my scholarships. which means i have to take out more loans. which means angry davie. roar. >=O

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

let me stand next to your fire

i've always tried to maintain my respect for george lucas. despite a disappointing episode 1 and an average episode 2, i'm still looking forward to revenge of the sith. i didn't mind most of the changes in the special editions, except for greedo shooting first and a few other minor changes. however, this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. if these rumors are true, i don't know that i'll even buy star wars on dvd. these changes are apalling. i don't know why he sees the need to drag the sparkling memory of the original trilogy through the mud that is the prequels. i do like the prequels, but they're nothing next to the originals. apparently george doesn't like the new movies being considered crappy compared to the old ones, so he's decided to crappify those too. yes, crappify.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

walking tall machine gun man

ain't found a way to kill me yet
eyes burn with stinging sweat
seems every path leads me to nowhere
wife and kids household pet
army green was no safe bet
the bullets scream to me from somewhere

they come to snuff the rooster
yeah here come the rooster
you know he ain't gonna die

walkin' tall machine gun man
they spit on me in my home land
gloria sent me pictures of my boy
got my pills 'gainst mosquito death
my buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath
oh god please won't you help me make it through

they come to snuff the rooster
yeah here come the rooster, yeah
you know he ain't gonna die
no, no, no ya know he ain't gonna die

R.I.P. Nathan Scott Phillips ????-2004

Sunday, August 01, 2004

i'm alone and i'm an easy target

this first-person shooter controller for the pc looks pretty sweet. too bad the "video games lead to violence" people are going to have a field day with it.