Tuesday, July 26, 2005

my tapeworm tells me what to do

things i hate: the ignorant, witch-hunting media; frivolous asshat lawyers; retailers who cave under the pressure instead of standing up for the video game industry which allows them to exist in the first place, and the gamers who purchase from their stores; and politicians who spend all their time on big important issues like babysitting what we can play in video games instead of focusing on things that really matter, like terrorism, foreign policy, the economy, and education. especially when one of the said rich, elitist politicians hurls partisan insults around like candy at a parade, and then turns around and attempts to make it look like she's an optimistic, middle of the road, kind-hearted individual looking out for you and me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

you should have never trusted hollywood

burkee has been back in town the past couple days, so its been really good getting to see him. its been over a year since the last time he's been back from the army. we're getting breakfast with him early tomorrow morning before he flies back to germany. he's doing well, except he's getting deployed to iraq in a few months which isn't the best news.

i finally picked up san andreas, which is really good. basically a bigger and better vice city, which can't be a bad thing. except that it has a way of sucking in all my time. i also need to get back to playing jade empire.

finally got to hang out with jess tonight for the first time in awhile. we're just both really busy, and its only going to get worse in the fall when i'm going to school and working 20+ hours. her family's leaving for the bahamas this sunday, so i guess i'll have plenty of time to play video games and cuddle with austin next week.

Friday, July 15, 2005

with a feeling so pure

i survived my first two days on the phones. the real test comes monday, when i'm out there on my own, without a "mentor". yesterday was fine, i didn't have any real bad calls. except that i kept getting dryel calls, which i'm not trained on, but they fixed that for today. oh, and i had a lady who kept calling me "ma'am". that was funny.

today i had a real angry lady complaining about tide with a touch of downy, mad that it left stains on her laundry. she didn't want to hear anything i had to say, and wanted us to remove the "awful" product from the market. she eventually asked to speak to a supervisor, so my mentor took over. then there was the guy who was all angry because our tide high efficiency costs more than regular tide. gee, who would have guessed that the detergent for an expensive, top of the line washer would also be more expensive that normal detergent for normal washers. go figure.

i did have one call today that was hilarious. an old man called and was complaining that the gain detergent didn't clean his clothes, so i put him on hold for a minute. when i came back i started reading my information to him, but i stopped because i could hear him snoring on the other end. sure enough he'd fallen asleep, and i had to hang up on him when he wouldn't wake up. funny stuff.

Monday, July 11, 2005

that's when I reach for my revolver

i haven't posted anything very political in a long time. mainly it has to do with the fact that i've grown tired of nonstop backbiting and finger pointing. all too often "politics" is nothing more than sleazy accusations and name-calling. on both sides of the fence. however, this article about corrections to common mistakes/lies about iraq caught my eye. i despise our horrible partisan news sources (one way or the other), so anything that counters blatant lies passed off so flippantly as facts is positive in my book.

Friday, July 08, 2005

how did we ever get by without you?

one week of training left at p&g. the idea of getting out on the phones is still pretty intimidating, but there's no way to get good at it without just doing it regularly. working less hours will be nice, as will sleeping in more than i do now. but the nice fat paychecks will be missed.

batman begins was as good as everyone said. very possibly the best movie so far this year.

bengals tickets tomorrow. who dey!

Friday, July 01, 2005

there's always room in life for this

today begins the second annual dave's national ice cream appreciation month, which means i get to eat ice cream every day for the entire month. then i'll top it all off again on the last day by nearly overdosing on an entire quart of ice cream in one sitting. mmm, i can just feel the diabetes now.

saw war of the worlds last night with daniel, austin and rob. overall, i liked it. great effects, good acting by tom cruise, very tense at times. certain parts of it good have been better, like how the resolution could have been explained a little more thorough. tim robbins was definitely one of the main highlights. i give the film 3 1/2 out of 5 davies. now i still need to see batman begins.

i got jade empire last week. the only reason i would bought it, since i'm not much of an RPG fan, is because its made by the Biowagore, the same people who made knight of the old republic. the game also got some very good reviews ,so i thought i would be worth checking out. i haven't been able to play it since sunday, but so far its very good. it feels exactly like kotor, meaning it has the same easy accessibility for anyone who's not into RPGs. in fact, this is probably the easiest to learn yet. the story seems like its going to be just as good, too. the most improved feature is probably the combat system. instead of kotor's turn-based fighting, jade empire's combat occurs in real-time, with you doing the fighting. hopefully i'll have more time to play it this extended weekend.

now i'm going to go eat me some ice cream...