Thursday, February 16, 2006

just one man beneath the sky

way too much school work going on. trying to finish my paper for moral & political ideas due tomorrow. kicking myself for how little research i've done towards my huge history paper on the battle of stalingrad due in one week. plus another world literature essay, a class a despise, due next wednesday on things i don't have the time or inclination to read.

navigators key laborers conference is this weekend. i'm looking forward to it because last year was really good, but having all this hanging over my head is going to be a drag. plus that means i won't get any work done on my papers this weekend.

work is as much of a pain as ever. the actually work itself hasn't been too bad, but this whole impending layoff thing is annoying. it seems we officially are going to have the opportunity to accept a severance package, so i'd just like to do that and get on with it. but they're saying we're still going to work 90 days after they give us official layoff notice, and that hasn't even happened yet. so i've got a job for another three months, which then throws my class schedule into disarray for next quarter. and there's the possibility of a schedule bid (which means a different schedule than what i have now, and less control over what my schedule is) and a reduction of hours. i wish they'd get it all over with.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

take me on board their beautiful ship

anyone interested in going up to cedarville, ohio to hear donald miller talk on march 23? tickets are available on february 24. i don't know if it costs money or what. see it here.

Monday, February 06, 2006

a handshake of carbon monoxide

last night's super bowl showcased some of the shabbiest officiating i think i've ever seen. bill leavy and his crew disgraced referees everywhere, and that's not an easily accomplished feat. the fact that very few steelers turned in noteworthy performances last night just goes to prove that it was the calls, or in some cases the lack there of, that decided the game. first they robbed the seahawks of an obvious touchdown with a nonexistent offensive pass interference call. the idiot ref looked like a deer in the headlights. he let it go till the steeler player turned and screamed at him, then panicked and threw the flag. then they gave them roethlisberger's diving touchdown, when after replay it was obvious the ball never crossed the goal line, as doug already pointed out. but considering they'd ruled it as a touchdown, i didn't expect them to overturn it. and let's not forget the ridiculous low-block called on hasselbeck when after his interception when he tackled the ball carrier, and just happened to take out another steeler. plus some terrible holding calls against the 'hawks, and the "fumble" that took them a review to overturn (and boy did they sound sad to admit it).

thankfully, it seems some of the media is admitting how terrible the officials were. sports analysts are actually getting over their love affair with the steelers in the super bowl (i don't care where bettis' hometown is) and calling the nfl out on how bad the referees are. its pretty terrible when the super bowl is decided by the officials, not the game. these articles do a good job talking about all the calls the refs got wrong, but they don't talk about all the holdings, blocks in the back, and horse-collar tackles they neglected to call on pittsburgh.

i guess what we all learned is that in order to get what you want, open your big obnoxious mouth and complain. well joey porter certainly can never complain about the refs again. in fact, he should probably take them out to dinner, seeing as he owes them for that shiny new ring on his finger. we also learned that the referees are suckers for the media. it was pretty obvious who the sports media wanting to win, with them talking nonstop about bettis' super bowl homecoming, or roethlisberger possibly being the youngest quarterback to win a super bowl. i guess the referees got caught up in the pittsburgh frenzy. but i will agree with him on one point: the nfl refs are terrible. they need to take a hint from the acc's example, and start disciplining refs for this kind of disgraceful performance.

and just for fun, here's fox sports' 10 worst calls of the postseason.

Friday, February 03, 2006

breeze still carries the sound

i don't like homework.

or my lack of focus whenever i try to get it done.