Thursday, March 31, 2005

someone finds salvation in everyone

i don't feel like i have too much to say here lately, which is the reason for the sporadic, once a week updates. there's not really anything new happening, just new developments on things that are already going on. i'm going to start working weekend mornings at the park for certain next weekend, which i'm not thrilled about, but that's how it goes. navs soccer starts this saturday, but unfortunately it seems that the game times will conflict with work at either the park or nick and tom's. jen called me today and told me to expect a phone call from p&g soon for a phone interview. that's good news. unfortunately, if they call on tomorrow or monday i'll be at uc almost all day; the only days i'm really around are tuesdays and thursdays, and that's about to change if i start working at the park on those days.

jess thinks i'm so cool that she wanted to be like me and twist her ankle, so that's exactly what she did today. she said it's bruised and swelling, but hopefully it won't be hurt too bad. not the best timing though, she was supposed to walk in the Relay For Life this weekend, play waterpolo saturday, and on sunday she has a chorus concert. although i'm sure she'll be running around like a maniac again in no time.

Friday, March 25, 2005

got your chin held high and you feel just fine

spring break has gone well. it's been nice and uneventful. i haven't done anything special, just hung out with people. i got to spend a lot more time with jess than i do normally. yesterday daniel and i worked at my dad's office clearing sticks and brush in the back of the property. woodchippers are amazing, those things will eat everything.

howie from delhi park called yesterday and said they want me to start working whenever i can next week. since i only go to school on MWF that means i can work at least one or two days a week. the bad thing is that they'll probably want me to start working weekend mornings right away. that's easily the worst part of the job, especially in the spring and early summer with baseball games.

i applied to p&g this week for a position as a part-time consumer service rep. jen peddenpohl works there, and makes a silly amount of money answering the phones. i hope i get the job; i'd probably be making over twice what i do at the park, and that would really make things a lot easier if we try and move to clifton this fall. i don't care how bad it might suck to have to listen to people's complaints all day, i'll just tattoo how much money i'm making on my hand so that whenever i start to get frustrated at someone, i remember how much i get paid. jen said she'd put in a word for me to her supervisors, so maybe i'll call over there next week and see what they say.

i've been thinking about selling some games and dvds to gamestop for awhile now. i never play or watch some of them, so i figure i might as well make a little money off of it. i even have some N64 games that might be worth a buck or two. i should sell back my regular version of two towers and see what they give me for it. now that i have a dvd burner, i feel like maybe i should sell back even more dvds to them. i already had a couple in mind to sell that i never watch, but now that i can burn the movies before i sell them, i'm tempted to also sell back several more movies that i've only watched once or twice. i love my dvd burner.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

you're a wrinkled magazine

so tonight is host to one of the most important matchups in college basketball, in my opinion. uc takes on uk, my most hated team in basketball; more than duke, xavier, wake forest, or anyone else. what michigan is to ncaa football, kentucky is to college basketball. i'm feeling naively confident about our chances. we played surprisingly well against iowa considering how things went against south florida (except for letting iowa pull close after they were down by 18). eku hung with kentucky, and they didn't seem to be playing too well at the end of the year, so i'm hopeful. the worst part is i'll be working during the game, so while i should be able to catch a lot of the game on tv, i'm either going to becoem very angry or very happy at nick & tom's tonight. at least it's at 8:10 instead of around dinner time, hopefully the rush will die down.

i was doing well with all my march madness picks till last night. then syracuse, the team i had winning in one of two brackets, had to go and get upset in the first round. so i'm screwed in the yahoo group, but i can still win in the navs pool with unc. it's too bad, except for syracuse my yahoo bracket had done well, everyone else i missed i had losing in the second round next year. oh well, now i can root for everyone else to screwed by big upsets, which is the fun part of march madness anyway. at least i didn't play for any money.

i'm so glad it's spring break.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i am bottled fizzy water

the bengals signed rudi to a five year deal, in place of his one year franchise tag deal. this is excellent news, i'm glad to see they finally reached a deal, and that rudi gets a longer deal like he deserves.

and hurray for my new computer that my wonderful parents got me for my birthday.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

i was born a ramblin' man

dave thomas must be rolling in his grave right now. i went to wendy's today, and their jr bacon cheeseburgers are no longer on their 99 cent menu, they're $1.29 instead. i couldn't believe this blasphemy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

spirit journey formation anniversary

that's right, today's the day that i leave baby austin in the land of the teenagers. i don't have anything planned except sleeping, and jess is going to come with me to navs tonight. what i would really like for my birthday right now is for road runner to give me a decent connection that won't periodically stop working like it has been for the last 36 hours.

also, i'd like to wish pvt. jason burkee a happy birthday as well. maybe david hasselhoff will come sing to him in germany.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

climbing up the walls

i'm now using daniel's spare computer that he loaned me. mine kept crashing and overheating, and nothing works right, so i got tired of messing with it. i guess i'll be using this till mine is fixed or he wants it back.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

if you should die before me ask if you can bring a friend

i created a yahoo group for march madness pick 'em, so everyone should join. the group id # is 7043, and the pass is bearcats. unlike fantasy football, you only have to set this up once, so no one has any excuse to not do it.

the tulane game last night was fun. it was senior night, and meeker went out in a blaze of glory. by that, i mean he was incredibly pumped in the last three minutes and was all over the court, shooting, rebounding, and even playing defense. obviously, the crowd went nuts. that guy really has heart. he ended with the ball as time expired, which seemed fitting to me.