Sunday, June 26, 2005

somewhere in the vasoline

tim left for new brunswick this morning. it doesn't really feel any different yet, especially since he'll be back for the fourth of july.

my head has been feeling terrible all weekend. i think its a combination of a cold and really bad allergies, but i've been wanting to drill holes in my forehead to drain all the mucus. i can't breathe out of my nose at all and i keep coughing nonstop. plus my head feels like it got hit by a truck, so i haven't really been feeling like moving at all. no wonder i've felt tired and groggy all weekend.

weekends are way too short. i'm already not looking forward to another long week of training.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the embers never fade in the city by the lake

billy corgan's solo album was released today, and was accompanied by an announcement in the chicago tribune that he wants to reform the smashing pumpkins. it's a pretty surprising statement, but it's also seemed like he hasn't been satisfied with anything he's done since the pumpkins (like zwan). here's hoping he gets chamberlin to join him, and that they can go back to the glory days. you can see the actual ad corgan put out in the mtvnews article.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

i'm a walking shade

the bengals two-game ticket packs go on sale july 9. according to, there's been a big response to the packs, and therefore they don't know if they'll even sell single game tickets if they sell out through season tickets and two-game packs. so my question for you all is, does anyone want to get a two-game pack with me? or another option is for people to split the cost, so that one of them goes to game A and the other goes to game B. i'm guessing the cost will probably be around $110, or whatever the cost of two games would come to. so what do you guys think? our options are:

PACK A: Sept. 18 vs. Minnesota Vikings (Reg. Season Home Opener), and Oct. 23 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
PACK B: Oct. 2 vs. Houston Texans, and Oct. 30 vs. Green Bay Packers
PACK C: Nov. 20 vs. Indianapolis Colts, and Dec. 24 vs. Buffalo Bills
PACK D: Nov. 27 vs. Baltimore Ravens, and Dec. 11 vs. Cleveland Browns

personally i would lean towards pack C, then A, and then either B or D. the other alternative is to wait and see if they sell single game tickets, but there's less likelihood of getting a good game or good seats. for more info on this, you can look here. so let me know what you guys want. like last year, i'd be willing to buy them for everyone who wants to go, but getting money ahead of time would be really appreciated considering the cost.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i'm so tired, my mind is on the blink

i'm three days into my training as a consumer service rep at p&g. it's getting better as we get into it. orientation the first day was painfully boring, yesterday was a little better, and today was much more interesting now that we're starting to learn the programs we'll be working with. of course the program they're teaching us that is used to record the details of each call is being replaced in october, so this will be useful for four whole months, and then as soon as we start to get used to it we'll have to deal with learning a whole new program. oh well. i've only gotten to know the other twenty or so new hires a little. there's only 3 other guys, and half of the people seem like they're either in or recently out of college, while the other half are middle-aged mothers getting back into the workforce. oh, and riding the metro is always an adventure.

we got paired with CSRs yesterday and listened as they took calls, which were hilarious as usual. lots of old people with way too much to talk about. i saw jen yesterday, and almost got paired with her to take calls, but the girl in front of me went with her instead. and she has a picture of robby in her cubicle. how cute. tomorrow we start learning about some of the products we'll be taking calls on.

i'm still trying to get accustomed to the schedule. even after working full time at the park from 7-4, the 8-4:30 five week training schedule takes up almost twelve full hours of my day from the time i leave to catch the bus to the time i get back to my car and get home. i'm probably going to be very anti-social for the next 4 1/2 weeks.

i've been listening to a lot of new music lately, including the newest cds from audioslave, moby, foo fighters, and system of a down. 2005 has actually been a little disappointing musically; while there's been a plethora of good bands coming out with new albums, all of which have been well done, but none of them have been downright outstanding. just good. continuing with that trend, billy corgan's first solo album can be listened to here.

Friday, June 10, 2005

down every inch of her spine

i never blog enough anymore.

its that time of the year again. time for yahoo fantasy football. we're going to do things a little differently this year; instead of ranking players and letting yahoo autodraft them, we're going to do some kind of live or offline draft. i know it will be hard to get everyone together at once but we'll work something out. i haven't created a league yet, because i wanted to see who was interested and what suggestions everyone has on how to do the draft. so let me know.

we took a step backwards in trying to move to clifton. the landlord for the place we were seriously looking at ended up being pretty shady and uncooperative, so it looks like we're going to pass on that house. we've still got some other options to look at, so we'll see how it goes.

work at p&g starts monday, which means i'll be working full time for a month till training is done. goodbye free time.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

man or animal, i don't care at all

there are some things in this world that just genuinely frighten me, and this is probably at the top of the list.

edit: here the link to hot or not to vote for mister handsome.