Saturday, February 28, 2004

another brick in the wall

i officially hate uc. what a bunch of freakin' morons. @#*^%$! so they decide to screw me over and mess around with my schedule, which i wasted so much time to get just how i wanted. first, they don't let me in to the japanese history class at 10 that i wanted. then, not only do they deny me the english (with rob, austin and doug) that i signed up for, but they reschedule my english for 8 am. 8 freakin' am. haha, yeah right. so now my beautifully designed schedule leaves me with an enormous break from 9:50 till 1. i am just overwhelmed with the intelligence of that scheduling. what would a ever do without the administrative geniuses there to help me out? oh wait, i'd be happy.

Friday, February 27, 2004

welcome to black mesa

I was originally going to post this as a comment to the Tournament mentioned in Justin's Blog, but it got too long. So here are my prediction as to who will win the Title Fight.

Alright, this is gonna be tough to predict, but here goes. Some of these look like they're gonna be close, although others should be no contest.

For HELL I'm predicting a close battle between Doom and Everquest, with the latter unfortunately probably winning due to all the addicts.

In the STADIUM, I think whoever wins between Punch Out and Mario Kart 64 will win win that one. Personally, I think Mario Kart will win, although I think Punch Out should. Soul Caliber beats Tony Hawk but then loses to Mario.

In ARCADE, the possibility is there for Tetris to upset Pac-Man, but that probably won't happen. Sadly Super Mario Bros. 3 will beat SFII, and then will continue on to beat PM.

Vice City beats Mega Man, then Metal Gear Solid. The Sims takes down SimCity 3000, then Civ3. Due to how recent it is I think Vice City defeat the Sims in LIBERTY CITY.

Zelda takes down Pokemon no problem, unless all the 10 year olds votethen beats Myst. FF7 over Chrono Trigger, then Grim Fandango. I don't see how Zelda could not win HYRULE, even against Final Fantasy VII.

AZEROTH looks like the toughest bracket to me. First of all, I think the Starcraft vs. Red Alert first-round matchup is rediculous, RA should be a much higher seed. However, Starcraft rightfully wins that one, then beats Warcraft. Diablo II beats KotOR (although the possiblity for upset is there), then defeats Baldur's Gate, leading to a tough finale. Nevertheless, I think (and hope) Starcraft will defeat Diablo II for that region.

THE ABANDONED BASE is another touch bracket, and once again I think the Halo vs. Goldeneye matchup is a stupid first round, Goldeneye should also be ranked much higher. Halo over Goldeneye, then Quake. Metroid Prime beats Super Metroid and TIE Fighter before losing to Halo.

Clearly, if anyone but Half-Life win BLACK MESA, this whole tournament is being voted on by a bunch of commies. CS beats RS, then BF 1942 (although it should be UT that wins that one, but that won't happen). But Half-Life wins it all by beating JK2, Tomb Raider, and CS.

Then it gets yucky. To make a long story short:

First Round:
Everquest over MarioKart
Mario Bros. beats VC
Zelda takes down Starcraft
I really want to say Half-Life beats Halo, not sure if this will happen, but I'll say it anyway

Mario Bros. 3 over Everquest
Zelda sadly beats Half-Life

It's a tough one, but I'll go with Mario Bros. 3 over Zelda by a nose.

*note: this isn't what I want to happen, just what I think will. We all know if I had my way, Half-Life would win it all.

Monday, February 23, 2004

speak to me in a language i can hear

I saw an interesting little post today from Billy Corgan's official website. Usually he just gives little updates on his new solo project, but in his latest post he reveals a bunch of details pertaining to the breakup of the Smashing Pumpkins in 2000, including the claim that is was guitarist James Iha who was responsible for the breakup. It's worth a read, if you have any interest in the band.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

m-m-m-monster kill!

Oh man, the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo is freakin' AMAZING! I'm serious, this thing easily has the potential to be better that Halo for multiplayer goodness. All the beautiful stuff from the original UT are back, like Assault (which is one gameplay mode Halo is sorely missing). It brought back sweet memories about how much I loved the original Assault maps. The new Onslaught mode was a blast with bots (I haven't played the demo with humans yet, bots are a lot less immature.

The vehicles are all new to UT in this version, and were all a blast. All are easy to control, except I couldn't quite get a handle on the flying vehicle, the Raptor. I can't wait to get to use the space fighters. Granted, they do feel a little ripped-off from Halo, but there's more variety, and easily as fun.

Also, I am in love with the new Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher (or AVRiL), which is great for taking out the Raptors. I do wish they left the Enforcer in the game instead of the Assault Rifle, taking people down with dual Enforcers was very stylish. Apparently there are more modes not included in the demo, like Last Man Standing, Domination, Invasion, and Mutant. The first two were fun in UT, and I guess the second two are from UT 2003, but I never played it.

What's more, the game looks great. My PC is sluggish with Vice City (although that also may have to do with my ghetto CD drive), but it's fine with the demo, even after enabling foliage and other details. All in all, I think this is gonna be a fantastic game. It's scheduled to come out March 16, and I cannot wait.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

must have the preciousss

Oh wow, it's the Gollum gangsta rap. Lol. Props to Daniel for the link, although I hate you for sending me links when I'm trying (and failing) to do some work.

i can't save you from my poor brain

Blah, I can't focus on anything. Talk about ADD. I have a freakin' essay for English I need to write and an essay exam to prepare for (on a book I didn't read), and my brain cannot stay focused. I'm feelin' tired, so I thought I'd get some caffeine in me, but it's no help. I just keep distracting myself by either reading stuff online or listening to music. That, and I've had a serious Civilization III addiction today. I mean it, I've spent a very unhealthy number of hours playing it today, it's so addicting. Well, I should probably stop distracting myself by posting here...

Monday, February 16, 2004

burkee's gone with the wind

Today, Jason Norbert Burkee left for boot camp, heading to Fort Benning, Georgia. We'll miss him, and no one will ever be able to yell "Disperse!" quite like him. But he's a good man to have out there defending our country (or at least training to right now), and he'll be back around in the future.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

transportation breakdown

Well, my car is dead for a little while. It's leaking oil like blood coming out of my nose when Jess' little brother punched it. Plus, we can't even drive it to the mechanic, we have to get it towed. And that might not even happen till Tuesday. So it looks like I'll be bumming rides for a little while.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

birthday list

So I'm trying to come up with a good birthday list for my upcoming 19th (on march 9). Here's what I've got going so far:

-Madden 2004
-Project Gotham Racing 2
-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
-Crimson Skies: HRtR
-Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
-Fuzion Frenzy
-Simpsons: Hit & Run
-DVD Playback Kit

-Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1
-Enemy at the Gates
-Indiana Jones Trilogy
-Alien: Director's Cut
-Aliens: Special Edition
-Attack of the Clones

-Led Zeppelin: II
-Hendrix: Are You Experienced? & Electric Ladyland
-Nirvana: Bleach & Incesticide
-Smashing Pumpkins: Gish

Ok, so that's all I got for now. Wow, now that I look at it, it's actually a bunch of stuff. But it's not very varied. Anyone got any additional items to suggest?
Well, here it is. I have no idea what I'm doing, and it probably won't be as stylish as Justin's but we'll give it a shot. Of course, I have no idea why anyone would want to read my crazy rants anyway...