Sunday, June 27, 2004

open your eyes to the millions of lies that they tell you everyday

i've decided i don't even care how much i beat this dead horse. i plan on beating it well into the ground, then dosing the ground with gasoline and lighting it on fire.

i simply cannot get over michael moore and his lies. it would be one thing if no one was listening. but F9/11 is going to be a huge hit, and people with no other source of information are going to believe everything he tells them. it wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't have such a crucial role in deciding this year's election. people listen to sources like moore and howard stern who have no idea what they're talking about, but they don't double-check the facts elsewhere, they just take it at face value.

-a christian opinion on farenheit 9/11

-a liberal journalist exposes the lies in F9/11

also, be sure to check out the links rob posted in his blog.

*Edit: the tricks and lies of Bowling for Columbine

of course the problem is that anyone who checks this and reads these articles probably already agrees with me, so i'ts like i'm preaching to the choir here. but it can't hurt to read the articles so that if a conversation comes up with someone else, you're prepared.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

all the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything

why john kerry will ruin the economy: so apparently he's jumping on the whole "$7 minimum wage" bandwagon. the problem is that raising the minimum wage to $7 is only going to hurt the economy. employers aren't going to happily agree to pay all their current minimum wage earners $7 an hour. instead, they'll cut jobs to make up for the increased wages that they have to pay out. so really, john kerry is only hurting the lower workers he pretends the democratic party pretends to support. instead of making things better for them, he'll just undermine their jobs.

*Edit: Minimum Wage Myths

in some good news, there is finally news of some conservative documentaries coming out. hopefully someone will finally expose moore for the fraud and hypocrite he is. and our very own conservative film festival. september road trip to dallas anyone?

for those about to rock

as if there was ever any doubt, jess is the coolest person ever. we exchanged presents for out little two year dating anniversary thing, and i got her the usual boring presents that i always get, although i think she liked the daily show t-shirt i bought for her. anyway, she had hinted that she was getting me something expensive, so my first thought was a guitar, and sure enough, she spent way too much money to buy me an electric guitar. i want to be mad at her for spending so much money, but i can't because it's just so freakin' cool. tomorrow or monday we're gonna run out to buddy rogers and get me an amp. then i just need to put in the effort to learn to read music and i'm on my way. i wish i'd paid more attention in grade school music class now, but i'm sure i can handle it.

oh yeah, so yesterday i come home from work at 11, expecting to find my sister still asleep. instead she's downstairs in my room, playing ghost recon. apparently she just got bored and decided she wanted to play a first-person shooter. she played through bootcamp and started a mission, only to have all but one of her team slaughtered in the first couple minutes. it was hilarious. she did a good job with her last man for nearly an hour till he finally bit the bullet. i told her ghost recon was probably a little too tactical for her, so i got her started on quake last night. who knows, there may be hope for her yet. and if i can convert her, maybe i can get jess too...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

roll the window down, this cool night air is curious

all right, so here's the deal. it came to my attention last week when doug and horgan yelled at me for not getting the bengals two-game ticket packs for everyone that i've apparently been appointed in charge of organizing a trip to see the bengals. problem is that single game tickets are gonna go fast, so we need to get some things straightened out:

1. who is coming? myself, jess, austin, doug, and horgan. i think my brother. justin again? rob? anyone else? i need to know who expects me to get tickets for them.

2. is there any game or day people can't go to? naturally i'll try for the monday night game first, but that's gonna be hard to get. see schedule.

3. any preference on seats and ticket price? we had seats near the top last year, but they were in the middle, great view, and only $44. so that would probably be what i would go for again.

4. naturally, if i'm ordering all these tickets together, it's gonna be expensive. so i need money in advance. meaning NOW.

tickets are set to go on sale in july, so let's not waste time on this. i'm planning on getting them asap. so if you get left out, i'm sorry. also, if this gets too big, we're gonna have to split into a couple small groups or something. i'm doing this on a first come, first serve basis.

oh yeah, doug and jenny, if you guys want to two-ticket packs still, you're on your own. my plan is to go to an early game, and then try to get tickets to a later one at a later date if i want to go again. but going once is all i really care about.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

take you as low as you go

michael moore is a big lying jerk.

the end.

-props to rob for spending way too much time on fark.

bush/cheney: 4 more in 2004

Thursday, June 17, 2004

light my candles in a daze cause i've found God

i'm finally finding time to update. i feel like i'm really busy now that i'm working full time at the park. i like it, we don't work too hard and we get plenty of downtime, like how my boss Howie let's us go for lunch around 11:30 till 1, and we cool down in the air-conditioned lodge from around 3 till we leave at 4. but really, we earn that. it's so rediculously hot working out in the sun, we need the time to cool down at the end of the day. i've been so tired, getting up at 6 is killing me.

got my grades from UC. i did well, and i even got a C in the class i failed the exam in, so that was good. BUT, i have an Incomplete in japanese history, so i hope he just didn't finish his grades yet. otherwise he must not have received my final that i emailed to him twice. hopefully i can get this worked out. but now i need to go cut grass before i head in for a half day at work.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

keep me runnin' like a deer in the headlights

last exam was yesterday. i'm so glad to be done with school. unfortunately i can't look forward to a relaxing summer since i'm working full time, but i'd rather be earning $8.55 an hour than sitting in class. this year did seem to end fairly fast, which was good. but i can't say i enjoyed my first year of college all that much. i know i don't get that whole "college experience" since i live at home, but i honestly hated going to class most days. maybe it's just because i feel like i'm not even going there for a reason. i have a major, and i'll probably be double majoring with political science this year, but i still couldn't tell you why i'm going to school.

i major in history because i enjoy some of it, but i'd still rather read it in a book or watch movies/tv shows based on it than sit there and listen to some professor's interpretation of what was important from a particular era. i took two classes that both dealt with 20th century europe, particularly 1900-1945, and it's funny what the differences can be in what each professor emphasises. and i'm going to major in poli-sci because it's something i'm passionate about. that's something i keep coming back to when trying to figure out a major or career. clearly, i think God has made me so passionate (or practically militant) about my political views for a reason. does that mean it's something he wants me to focus my life on? i can't ever see myself being a politician; i'd always say exactly what i thought, which would never fly in today's politically correct world. even majoring in it has me apprehensive. all the professor's are going to be rediculously liberal, and i'm not sure i have the inclination or patience to sit there and suffer through their Bush-bashing and impressing their leftist views on me. and of course, if i speak up, i'll quite possibly be screwing myself over by completely disagreeing with them.

burkee and i saw Troy last night. *spoilers follow* it was pretty good. the action was sweet, i've always been a fan of greco-roman style warfare. yes, that is pretty much the main thing i enjoy about history, the warfare. anyway, the slow parts of the movie were fine, it didn't seem to really drag at all to me. the problem i had with the movie was who to root for. they show you good and bad characters on both sides, so who do you want to win? naturally, i had a good idea of who died and i knew who won since i've taken mythology, but i still had trouble with watching some of the best characters in the film die at the hands of other characters i liked.

i got the impression the filmmakers wanted us to root for helen and paris, the two star-crossed lovers, escaping the big ogre of a husband. yeah right, first of all their so selfish that they care only about their own lust, at the costs of hundreds of thousands of lives. i can't believe paris freakin' lived. what a selfish, pretty-boy pansy. of course, i'm not surprised they didn't brutally kill him, they tend not to show the brutal deaths of women, and paris was obviously the biggest girl in the movie. but you've got the good on troy's side: hector (possibly the most likable character) and priam, and the bad: mainly paris. then there's the good on the greek: achilles (the coolest character), odysseus, ajax, and achilles' second in command. and the bad: agamemnon and menalaus. so who do i root for in the achilles-hector fight? i can't really root for anyone, since i know achilles is going to kill hector and drag his battered body around. hector was definately the most noble character in the film, so it's sad to watch him suffer that kind of death. and of course i knew girly-boy paris shooting achiles in the heel would piss me off. but as much as i hated paris, i can't say i wanted to see menalaus kill him. and i didn't want to see agamemnon victorious, but i knew the greeks would win. this was my problem with the movie, too many people to root for on each side. i think they wanted me to like the torjans more, but how can i hate ALL the greeks with people like achilles and odysseus? anyway, it was still a good flick.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

try to save myself but my self keeps slipping away

good old liberal media. i'll tell you what, i love how it waffles on things as much as john kerry. if you remember when war broke out in iraq, there was all that "no blood for oil" crap, where they speculated we were going over there to lower gas prices. now, when instead it's obvious that cheap oil had nothing to do with the war, they try and piss people off that our oil is going up while iraqis buy it for 5 cents. i guess we're all supposed to get angry that the government is doing the smart thing by subsidizing their oil. as the article says, it was about this low when saddam was in power, so if we let it go shooting up, that would obviously piss them off. and of course, what else is there to do when they're pissed off than go fire off an rpg or an ak-47 at an american humvee? stupid bush administration, using taxpayer money to save the lives of american troops. the nerve. why in the world would i ever think of anything but my pocketbook? a human life means nothing to me, as long as i'm gaining personally.

arg, so tired. soccer was fun, first time i've played outdoor in a year and a half. it was just good to be playing again, even if we did lose. two exams tomorrow, which sucks. plus i need to finish my english paper on memento. i got a decent amount done, but i'm just too tired. guess i'll just go to bed now and get up early to finish. i cant wait to get done with exams.

i also can't wait to get a couple days off of school and work this week to relax and hang out. jess is in california, so i'm just gonna watch movies and play video games all week. burkee and i are planning on seeing troy this week, so that should be sweet.

i'm on my time with everyone... i have very bad posture

it's a somber day today for a few reasons. as you know, ronald reagan passed away yesterday, which means that american has finally lost one of the greatest leaders it has ever had. probably the greatest of the twentieth century. although i do think it is best this way, he had a sad battle with alzheimers, and he's in a better place now. we'll miss him.

secondly, today marks the 60th anniversary of D-Day. talk about a group of heroes, i can't even imagine what they went through. talk about something to be proud of. what makes it so sad to me is to think of all the veterans we are losing every day. they are an anchor to our society, reminding us of a time when we were united in our fight against evil. peter bronsan's article in the enquierer last week about WWII veterans was right on. i think i'll watch saving private ryan today if i can...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

help me find the dawn of the dying day

great news, jason burkee has returned from boot camp! he's back home and says he'll be around for about 24 days. can't wait to hang out with him again.

today i found a site with some hilarious conservative t-shirts. seriously, this shirt had to have been designed with me in mind. it's like my dream shirt. granted, some of the shirts are too far over the top, but most are great. a few other highlights:

the reagan knock-off of the che guevara shirts. here's a shirt i wish i'd had when i was in environmental science. some good bush shirts. a hilarious axis of evil shirt. and of course, shirts mocking the french. and more.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage

i've freakin' had it. i'm so sick of america being ruled my an oligarchy of supreme court justices. look at the news, all you hear anymore is the supreme court doing this, some liberal judge deciding that. forget democracy, forget what the PEOPLE want. instead, let's just have a small handle of people decide everything for all americans, regardless of what the majority wants. supreme court justices need to have term limits, that way we can remove them when they begin grossly overstepping their bounds.

now some liberal feminazi judge has decided that bush's partial-birth abortion ban is unconstitutional, because it interferes with a woman's right to choose, blah blah blah, bs bs bs. and to quote: "She agreed with abortion rights activists that a woman's right to choose is paramount, and that it is therefore "irrelevant" whether a fetus suffers pain, as abortion foes contend." wow, so the pain and suffering of a defenseless, unborn human being is "irrelevant"?!

i'm sorry, but i can't wait for this lady to rot in hell! i know have no place to judge her, but this is downright sickening. how in the world can you think that you have to right so subject a human being to this: "During the procedure, the living fetus is partially removed from the womb, and its skull is punctured or crushed."?

So women get the right to choose to have that done to their unborn child? wow. maybe we should just let the terrorists have this country, i'm not sure i'd want to defend any land that is this barbaric. where's my right to choose to kill a liberal? at least i'd just shoot them in the head or something, i wouldn't CRUSH THEIR SKULL.

the article also gives me more reasons to love steve chabot and hate bill clinton. chabot is the major force behind the ban, while clinton vetoed the ban twice during his term. what a jerk.

here comes the water... it comes to wash away the sins of you and i

rock on! vh1's website has an online preview of Velvet Revolver's Contraband where you can listen to the whole album. it comes out in a week, and even though i was already planning on buying it, this will be a good way to confirm if i'm going to get it. so go check it out and then buy it next week. we need to support the few good bands out there, like VR and Audioslave.

/shameless plug

woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head

work is going alright. it was just me and doug for most of this weekend. another guy was supposed to work with us, but apparently he decided he only needed to show up on saturday, leaving the two of us to do everything ourselves sunday and monday. what really sucked is that he must have kept the weekend to-do lists, so doug and i just had to guess as to what we were supposed to get done. at least it rained most of the weekend, so we didn't have to drag and line the baseball fields after saturday.

i'm so freakin' tired. spent all yesterday working on this stupid japanese history final. i'm on my 9th page now, and i've written all but one of them in less than 24 hours. not bad for me, considering my horrible lack of concentration. i definately waste way more time than i actually spend working. ehich is why it takes me forever. in fact, i had to wake up early this morning to continue working on it, and i'm still finishing it up. but i should be fine, i'm finally wrapping it up, and it doesn't hsve to be in till noon. and since i don't have any classes today, i'm just going to email it to my prof. i'm so glad to have this stupid class over, now if i could just be done with the rest of them already.

dougie and i are gonna watch Wag the Dog after work today. we have to watch it for english, which is fine with me, i've always wanted to see it. i've heard it basically resembles the whole clinton-lewinsky affair/war in kosovo scenario, so i'm always up for something that reveals clinton for the horrible president he was, especially when it comes to foreign policy. and let's not forget that kosovo was a unilateral military campaign. all the bush-bashing clinton lovers tend to forget that little detail.

time to finish this stupid paper up. i've been listening to a bunch of the later beatles stuff lately. it seems to help me while i'm writing. plus it just owns.