Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my poor brain is gonna pop

i've been pretty busy lately. taking a couple classes in the morning, then going to work, and then coming back for either more classes or something else (like navs) is going to be pretty hectic this quarter. i'm not liking it much so far. at least my classes don't seem to hard. work, on the other hand, has been pretty awful. its just way too stressful trying to deal with these people. its a pretty sad commentary on people's priorities when they get so worked up over laundry detergent and dish soap. although i'm not one to talk about having one's priorities in order. regardless, i'm hating work right now, and part of me is even hoping they'll start laying us off soon. i don't want to be ungrateful, but it sucks. anyway, i need to cut this off and get some sleep before i go back to the grind again tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2005

we've got fun and games

man, what a great game. what a complete team effort. i don't think i've seen the offense, defense, and special teams all look so good at once. most teams don't get it together that well, let alone the bengals. sure, they weren't perfect. far from it. a franchise record seventeen penalties was absolutely horrible. especially when they cost us an awesome 80-something yard touchdown pass from palmer to perry, and two more fumbles by the defense (you suck, david pollack). but the fact that all those penalties never really put us in any danger is a testament to how well the rest of the game went. our offense is really turning it on. palmer's interception in the endzone was a poor choice, but other than that there are few complaints. nine different people catching passes on an offense is unreal. so is forcing seven turnovers on defense (nine without penalties). the defense started out looking a little poor against the run, but quickly forced a fumble and it was all downhill for the viking offense from there. at least until the last three minutes, with our second string in. not getting the shutout was a little disappointing, as was kitna not getting to play. there was no reason for palmer to play the fourth quarter at all. still, nothing bad happened so its okay. the bears looked scary today, but we'll hope that they're the ones having a fluke, and not us. it should be a good game.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block

well here we are. i'm pretty tired from moving and unpacking things today. it's going to take awhile to get used to all the noise and the lack of air conditioning. a big thanks to mom for helping out so much with getting things, packing, and unpacking; it definitely was a major help. and thanks to dad, jess, rob, and doug for helping out with the moving on saturday. but now i'm too tired to say anything else. maybe we'll have people over soon...

i take you where you want to go

this will probably be my last post till i get moved. go vote for odell thurman for the nfl rookie of the week for week 1. it says you can vote up to ten times, but i think i voted even more than that, so why not?

no alarms and no surprises

this is it... tomorrow i'll be out of here and into my apartment with austin, living above the might happy wok II. i think i've got about everything packed. obviously my computer is not; that is probably one of the last things to get packed up tomorrow morning. having today and tomorrow off was nice. hopefully i can get things situated at the apartment before i get back to work on thursday. not looking forward to school in a week... it would probably be good if i had my work and class schedules figured out. four night classes would be awful.

Monday, September 05, 2005

the screen is us and we're t.v.

tim and elly have the pictures from the wedding that were taken by the photographer up on tim's website, but since most of you probably won't go visit it, i thought i'd share some of my highlights with you all.

i'm not sure who told the wedding photographer that i was obsessed with smeagol, but he made sure to incorporate it into his pre-wedding photos, which i thought was good of him. look at how crazy my eyes are. just holding a ring makes my body go into gollum mode. i can't even control it.

here's me entertaining the crowd with my hilarious and insightful toast.

and here's tim and elly's response. they're good at pretending i'm funny. that was probably when i was talking about how tim told my parents they should name me "treetrunk" when i was born.

and here's a nice picture of jess and myself at the reception.
if any of you are still interested in seeing more of the pictures (i promise most of them aren't of me) you can see them here on tim's webpage

Thursday, September 01, 2005

owning a home with no silver spoon

austin and i got the lease signed for our apartment. its at the corner of vine and daniels, above the happy wok II restaurant. yes, we live above a chinese restaurant. its awesome. i just wonder where the first happy wok is. we move in on the 10th, which is a week from saturday. now we need to see what kind of furniture we have and what we need to get. and of course, any volunteers to help us move in would be greatly appreciated.