Saturday, December 31, 2005

help me through the hopeless haze

movie editors in hollywood must be in short supply. munich was good, but like king kong it could have been a lot shorter. it also got too preachy; i do like movies that make me think, but i don't want a sermon. you don't have to drag the ending out forever just to hammer your point into our skulls. but eric bana and the rest of the cast were great, and the story was good too.

happy new year, kids.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

hymns sound so good to him

my car transmission was acting up again. needless to say i wasn't too happy about that, since it was just replaced in may, but it sounds like there was just a faulty seal. the mechanic is going to check and make sure there isn't any permanent damage to the transmission. so it sounds like it probably isn't as good as i was afraid it might have been. just another one of those things that makes me wish i knew more about cars.

i got sick again last night. it was the third time since i've moved out that i've randomly got sick to my stomach once and then been fine. i think my stomach is hating me for the diet i've put it on since i moved out on my own. even though i eat less fast food than i used to, all i eat is mainly microwavable burritos, hamburgers, and pizzas. plus i'm not balancing the crappy food with good homecooked meals like i used to. i think my body is hating me for it. i need to start eating more fruits and vegetables (besides large quantities of apple sauce) and cut down on all the crap. calling in sick to work was enjoyable, though.

i'm getting my fill of video games in this week with jess in florida. i got sid meier's pirates! finally for christmas. i was hoping that it would be close to the 1987 version, but its even better. once again, sid meier found a way to package smack into the form of a computer game. between this and civ4, i can probably kiss this quarter of school goodbye.

the bengals-bills game was obviously disappointing. my luck with attending great bengals' victories seems to have expired this year, but at least we won one of the three games i went to. i don't really care what happens this week at kansas city. i think we should just keep our starters fresh and healthy. my opinion is that it doesn't matter whether we're the 3rd or 4th seed in the playoffs. if we play our best, we can beat anyone we'd play; if we play like we did against buffalo, we'll lose to anyone we face.

get ready, your 2005 davie awards will be coming soon. *yawn*

Saturday, December 17, 2005

i'm wide awake the more i sleep

if you didn't hear, sometime thursday night part of the building directly across the street from austin and i collapsed. the building is the old turner hall, and is being renovated by uc, which is probably the reason the foundation shifted. good ole uc; they'll shell out thirty grand to italicize our logo, but they won't put out the money for decent building materials and work to stop walls from falling down. that whole section of daniels has been closed off since.

went out and saw king kong last night. someone needs to tell peter jackson that he's allowed to make a movie under three hours. it's okay, really pete. we wouldn't mind. overall, it was a good movie, but i guess they ended up spending so much on the effects that they couldn't afford to hire an editor. they really could have shaved at least half an hour off of the movie without anyone noticing. but the movie looks spectacular and the acting was mostly good too. i was a little leary about jack black at the beginning, but as the movie progressed he fit into his role well. oh, and i still love andy serkis.

and chris henry is an idiot.

Friday, December 09, 2005

it feels like it keeps coming from the inside

nine inch nails are coming to the u.s. bank arena on february 25. tickets go on sale. any takers? justin?

p.s. ticketmaster is the devil.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

goin' out west where the wind blows tall

it never really dawned on me until the past few months have much of a night person i am. i always new i wasn't a morning person; i have a hard time getting up in the morning and could sleep past noon every day of the week. i always feel tired and never do i feel well-rested, no matter how much sleep i get. but considering how tired i always feel, its a little surprising how late i'll stay up.

i could probably stay up till at least 3am every night. its not that i don't feel tired, because i do. but there's always something i want to do, something i want to get done. i never feel like i have enough time normally anyway, and i'd have even less if i started going to bed earlier. i rarely actually sleep in late for that same reason; i feel like i'm wasting my time. part of me wants to go to bed early and sleep in late, only because every day i really hate how tired i feel. but the other part of me just can't be forced to go to bed at a reasonable time. during the quarter, no matter how much i wanted to and tried, it seemed like i could never get to bed before midnight. look at me right now: i finished my last paper of the quarter and emailed it to my prof tonight (well ahead of my noon deadline tomorrow, w00t), but i'm still up. actually, i was already to go to bed when i decided to blog about how hard it can be for me to go to bed. its a viscious cycle. but seeing as i can't sleep in past noon tomorrow (or most days) because i have to be at work by then, i had better get to bed now.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i've seen the needle and the damage done

i think the vending machines here at work are out to get me. first they would just give me whatever they decided i drink that day, regardless of whether or not that was the button i pushed. now they've just decided they're not going to give me anything at all.

carson palmer is up for the fedex air award again this week. if he wins, this would be his sixth time this season. only one other quarterback has even won it twice this season. also, thurman is up for rookie of the week again, and tab perry's kick return is candidate for the play of the week. currently, all three are in the lead, so go keep them there.

seriously though, how good were our rookies yesterday? perry had an amazing return (he dragged that steeler over twenty yards), pollack got a crucial sack, henry made some great catches, and thurman turned in another defensive rookie of the year-calibur performance.

correction: palmer won the award this week for his fifth time, not his sixth. still, no player has one the award more than twice in one year until palmer came long this year.

Monday, December 05, 2005

i've been a miner for a heart of gold

wow, what a great day. we beat the steelers on the road. not only have we all but clinched our division, but we have our first winning season in fifteen years. and denver lost, which ties us for second in the afc. we have a serious chance of getting a first-round playoff bye. i'm going to keep an eye on playoff ticket sales. it sounds like people who bought two-game packs get them after season-ticket holders but before everyone else, so if they become available i guess i'll just buy as many as i can.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

enigma wrapped in riddle

the bearcats ended up playing surprisingly well today. i had expected memphis to destroy us, so it at least made me happy that we hung with them so well, although that may have made the loss more disappointing than it would have been. the two highlights were how much everyone cheered when huggins appeared on the overhead (a shot of him from an interview with espn) and then the rousing chorus of "fire nancy" at the end that even made espn's recap of the game. i do wish more people would attend the games; its not hurting zimpher if people don't show. she could probably care less. its not fair to kennedy and the team for people to not come to cheer them on. if anything, i like going to be united with everyone for our mutual loathing of nancy.