Sunday, May 29, 2005

you make that dance look so new

only two days of classes and three exams left to go. i can't wait to be done, although i'm surprised at how well i've been doing in most of my classes.

my last day at delhi park was yesterday and i'm taking a leave of absence from nick and tom's. it's great not having to work at all on the weekends now. i start at p&g two weeks from tomorrow. it'll be interesting to see how i like taking people's calls all day long.

austin, doug, and i finally looked at a house in clifton this past week. it was a big five bedroom, at for a decent price considering that its in the "nice" part of clifton, if there is such a thing. i liked the house, there are only a couple downsides to it, but i'd say the good outweighs the bad. now we just need to find two or three more people to move in with us *cough*ROB*cough*.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

your time has come

wow... revenge of the sith was great. lucas pretty much made up for his faults in episodes I & II. there were only a small handful of things i didn't like in this, especially compared to the first two. the whole thing was great, there weren't really any parts i can't think of that felt boring or unnecessary to the plot as a whole. most of the dialogue didn't seem quite as bad, and the actors seem to have gotten more adept at doing a good job in spite of lucas' poor dialogue and directing. the story and resolution all flowed well, and it resolved everything nicely. my biggest complaint wasn't with the actual movie: the sound was way too quiet in the theater. the surround sound didn't seem to be in full effect; most of the sound seemed to come from up front, and many of the scenes weren't nearly loud enough. way to go, amc. but all in all, it was a satisfying end to the prequel trilogy (and the entire star wars movie saga), and to over six years of anticipation, excitement, annoyance, and enjoyment. i really think i might try and find time to see it again tomorrow, but i don't know if it'll happen. i'd go on about the movie, but it's almost 4 am, and i have to get christy up for school in two hours.

Friday, May 13, 2005

i made it ten miles high

i love the work ethic the professor in my 9 am class has. although he has mandatory attendance, which is annoying since you don't need to go to class to do well, he also has the wonderful habit of canceling class every so often, especially if we have homework to do (which we just turn in online). this morning he announces that we have an assignment due the next sunday (may 22), then proceeds to cancel class for all of next week. beautiful.

so i can't find the Team Sleep album that came out this past tuesday at any local retailers (okay, so i've really only checked best buy and meiers so far, but still). i can find it online for $13-14, but since retailers usually sell cds for $9.99 the week they come out, i've been trying to find it cheaper. i did get a great deal on two of 2004's best looking pc games at best buy. i got Men of Valor: Vietnam and The Game With the Longest, Most Rediculous Title Ever (aka The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher's Bay - Director's Cut) for a mere $10, thanks to the "buy one for $20, get one free) sale at best buy and my $10 coupon on top of that.

the parents are out of town. i was going to post the party schedule online here, but then i remembered that my dad read's this, so i'll have to let you all know some other way. haha, just kidding mom and dad, have fun skiing in colorado. oh, and happy birthday mom.

i almost forgot, i officially put in my notice at the park today that i'd be quitting. i got a call from p&g yesterday that my background check and drug screen came back okay, so i told howie today that i was leaving. but to prevent him from having a panic attack like he does over everything, i told him i'd work the last three weekends in may to help them out (which basically covers what i should work by giving them two weeks notice now anyway). i also found out that when i start june 13 for training, i'll be working full time for the first four weeks. i'm not sure if that means it'll be a full 40 hour week or just five days a week with my normal shift, but either way it'll mean lots of money.

crazy jamie puckett just stopped by and talked to me in the library here at uc. that girl's hilarious. and insane.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

everyone's got their chains to break

had my health screen at P&G today. both times i've been down there i've been very lucky to find a spot right around the corner. hopefully they'll get back to me fast so i can put in my two weeks at the park. considering how much garage is generated in this nice weather, weekends are already ten times worse than they were before.

only a little more than a week till revenge of the sith. my anticipation just keeps growing every time i see something related to it. i don't even care how bad the dialogue is going to be, the rest of the movie will make up for that. it's also been getting good reviews online so far, and most of the negatives are what you would expect (bad dialogue, directing).

i'm still trying to come up with a topic to teach small group on when its my turn. i've been thinking of stealing something from eldredge's waking the dead, but there's a lot in there and i'm not sure how i'd condense it down. anyone have any good ideas?

i slacked too much at the beginning of this quarter, so i'm going to buckle down for the rest of the quarter. only class i'm worried about too much is american history 1920-present. the midterm sucked big time and i don't think i did well on it (he's one of those wonderful profs who likes to put lots of emphasis on one topic in class and then give you an essay exam on something he barely mentioned), and if i depending on how i do on my book review, i might have to withdraw from the class. that wouldn't be real good, but in the long run it would definitely be better than risking my scholarship just to get 3 credit hours i can make up some other quarter. besides, since i took extra last quarter and the ap credits i brought in, i still won't be behind. yes, i know, i shouldn't have slacked in the first place, but there's nothing i can do about that now, so i just have to see how it goes.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i'm just a face in the clouds

went to the reds game tonight against the cardinals. it was, predictably, pretty boring and pathetic. but going with my dad's dental study club is always fun, and it was cool this year with jeff, elly, and jess coming with dad, tim, christy, and myself. it was cold too, but that didn't stop me from getting my annual frozen lemonade. it also figures that the reds would score their only runs in the 9th after we'd left, but oh well they still lost.

i picked up the revenge of the sith soundtrack today. it's good, a lot more brooding and aggressive as a whole, compared to some of the other soundtracks. that's expected though, considering the plot of the movie. the album came with a dvd, which has music videos of songs from all six movies, and they play out a basic timeline of the events from the whole saga. it also contains new shots from episode 3; this movies going to be insanely good, no matter how terrible the dialogue is.

i drove past springmeyer elementary today on my way home, and saw some crazy guy in a black pickup doing donuts on their baseball infield, stirring up a huge cloud of dust. it was pretty funny.

jess has pinkeye, and so my eyes have been itching all day. as usual, i'm sure it's just in my head, but if i get it she gonna get a beat down.