Thursday, April 28, 2005

what if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream

i finally heard back from P&G today. they offered me the customer service job, working monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday from 8:45 am to 2:15. i think i'll take it, as it'll be a lot better than working at the park all summer full-time. i'll have to see how flexible they are with scheduling before i decide if it's gonna work with school in the fall. parking downtown will suck, so i think i'm going to get a bus pass instead. one problem that has already come up is that they scheduled me for a health screening on may 6 at 2 pm, but i have a biology midterm at that same time. so i'll have to conact P&G about moving it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

this is such a pity

well the bengals draft went fairly well, i think. we made some good additions towards addressing our problems on defense. i can't quite understand why we drafted two wide receivers, but i'll just hope that marvin knows what he's doing. unfortunately baltimore and cleveland both had good drafts, so i think that the afc north will be one of the toughest divisions in the nfl again this year (mostly because of the steelers and ravens, not the browns).

the new weezer cd make believe is quality. yes, i know you're thinking that it doesn't come out for two weeks, and you'd be right. but i have my sources. they have a song on there that sounds exactly like it's out of the 80s, it's pretty sweet. i wasn't real big on the first single, beverly hills, so i was afraid the album wouldn't be good, but i like it so far.

also got the new garbage cd bleed like me from daniel, which is okay. same basic garbage formula, and the lyrics are kinda weak, but dave grohl's drumming on the first song is great. speaking of which, i heard good new singles from foo fighters and billy corgan, both of whom have new cds coming out in june (justin, i think june is looking to be an extention to "the month of lovin"). best of you isn't exactly groundbreaking work for foo fighters, but it's still a good song, and A100 sounds like something off adore by the pumpkins, in a good way. oh, and add the self-titled debut by team sleep to the may wishlist, even though i'm probably the only one that is interested in it.

i think i've pretty much exhausted the dvd supply at the green township library, now i'm branching out to the west fork branch. they had the entire godfather trilogy there today, i need to get that.

oh yeah, and you should go see kung fu hustle.

Friday, April 22, 2005

pink ribbon scars that never forget

all of my revenge of the sith tickets are now spoken for. i've always loved the energy of these big movie events, like the other prequel movies or the back-to-back-to-back lord of the rings marathon for lord of the rings.
my dvd burning is into full swing again. dvd burner + library dvds = goodness.

it's a short update, but at least i'm posting something.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

fulfilled a promise made of tin

the bengals schedule for next year has been released. we got screwed big time by the lack of primetime games; despite winning on sunday night and upsetting denver on monday night, all we got was a sunday night game in jacksonville. so what game does everyone want to see this year? indi and green bay have been mentioned so far. opener against minnesota? cleveland again? i'm willing to head up getting tickets again if we can reach an agreement and everyone gets me money. take a look at the schedule and tell me what you think.

and i knew the silence of the world

i'm glad our public schools have solved all their other problems so that we can worry about the color of ink teachers use to correct papers.

i'm floating down a river

nothing like getting up and driving all the way down to UC to find out that your class seems to be canceled, because the prof decided not to say that he wouldn't be there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year

i think everyone's heard the news by now (at least everyone who reads my blog) that Jon Miles was killed in a plane crash yesterday. he was a great guy, and the whole thing is really sad. as everyone said, at least he died doing something he loved. i'm glad i had the privelage of getting to know him at oak hills. he'll be missed.

Monday, April 11, 2005

peel me off this velcro seat and get me moving

it's official, revenge of the sith will have a PG-13 rating. i can't say i'm very surprised, considering the whole main point of the movie is watching anakin completely fall to the dark side and become darth vader, seeing palpatine assume the role of emperor, and the slaughter of the jedi order (if you didn't know that was going to happen, you've either been living under a rock or star wars means nothing to you anyway, so i don't think any of that counts as spoilers). there's not going to be a happy, cheerful, return of the jedi ewok celebration in the end of this movie. at least there better not be, george...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

so impressed with all you do

wonderful news today: valve has decided to give me a little something to hold me over until half-life 3, with the announcement of the first expansion to HL2. Aftermath is due out in june. which means no school work to worry about doing. could the best game of 2005 turn out to be an expansion pack? i hope so.

Friday, April 08, 2005

this is our new song, just like the last one

well my weekends are going to suck from now on. work at 7am at the park every saturday and sunday morning till around 9ish (whenever everything's done). then work at nick and tom's every saturday afternoon. throw in soccer, church, and three more weeks of navs new leader training and that's no time for anything.

i think my interview at p&g went pretty well this past week. they said i'd get a letter or an email within a few weeks, but i won't start till the middle of june if i get hired. then there's the question of if i should keep working at nick & tom's or try and work part time at delhi too since p&g will only be part time. seeing as we want to move out, i can use as much money as i can get, but i'd be kissing any enjoyment of summer, as well as any social life, goodbye.