Saturday, July 31, 2004

you don't know how you got here, you just know you want out

saw the village last night with a bunch of people down at newport. although most of the reviewers didn't seem to like it, it was a pretty good movie. i enjoyed it despite the eight billion screaming 12 year old girls in the row in front of us. not as good as signs but there's nothing wrong with that. a lot less creepy too, in my opinion. there were some good tense moments, but none that truly stood out as scary. but that didn't hurt the film at all. the whole cinematography of the film was great, m. night shyamalan rocks when it comes to clever camera angles and creating atmosphere. joaquin phoenix was by far the highlight of the movie, but i thought all the major characters were well done, even if many of their characters seemed a little shallow. i'd probably give it a 7/10. has a good overview and analysis of that you should check out.

Monday, July 26, 2004

you're a pinko commie

it's clear all my political discussion has been missing an important element... a musical. thankful, that problem has now been resolved. check out "this land", it's bipartisan fun for the whole family.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

hey, i ain't never coming home

"'Fahrenheit 9/11' opened Friday in Poland — a U.S. ally in Iraq — with some critics comparing director Michael Moore's style to totalitarian propaganda."

God bless the poles.

here we are now, entertain us

the title for star wars episode 3 has finally been announced. on may 25, 2005,  i will be eagerly preparing to watch Revenge of the Sith. because i'll always get excited about a new star wars movie, no matter what. i have to say i like the name, although it doesn't seem very imaginative. i'm sure plenty of star wars geeks who speculated on the name ahead of time came up with a title similar to RoS, but it fits. man, i can't freakin' wait.

i wish i could get my head out of this sand

bengals tickets went on sale through ticketmaster today. i had i hard time finding a game to get 8 tickets together for.  the first four games were either sold out or limited to two tickets per order. the steelers game was not but i couldn't get eight tickets together in a decent seating area. so i bought 8 tickets in the 300 level on the side of the field for the browns game on nov 28. the total price of the ticket plus ticketmaster's stupid "convenience" fee comes out to about $59 a person, so i would appreciate money from everyone when you can get it to me. the tickets are being mailed to me, so i'll dole them out later. the group is jess, austin, doug, jenny, justin, tim, elly, and myself. should be awesome!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

we chase misprinted lies

after downloading half-baked several times by mistake, i finally found a bootleg copy of fahrenheit 9/11. the quality isn't the best, but it's watchable. the movie itself though, is barely watchable. it's so freakin' asinine. i'm definately going to have the same hard time sitting through it without getting too angry that i did with bowling for columbine. maybe we should have a propaganda party sometime soon, and all sit and watch the bs.

Monday, July 12, 2004

and when i start to come undone, stitch me together

i meant to post this earlier but i never got around to it. as you know, the report on the intel on iraq came out, and pretty much blasted the cia. of course what the media wants you to think is that the report is damning to the bush administration, when in reality that is rediculous. people like to forget that bush does not get out there and uncover the intelligence himself. he has no choice but to rely on the information given to him.

that said, the new york post had a great editorial on why going to war in iraq was still the right thing to do. let's face it, saddam clearly harbored terrorists such as this al-zarqawi guy. it shouldn't be crucial as to whether or not he had links to al qaeda, the point is that he still aided terrorists and terrorist groups that are hostile to the united states. in the same way, removing saddam was the right thing to do whether or not he had stores of weapons of mass destruction. remember, this is the war on terrorism, not the war on al qaeda or the war on weapons of mass destruction. which means we fight terrorism at every front, in every form.

wow, so apparently the democrats consider america incapable of conducting our own elections. a group has petitioned kofi annan at the united nations to send an international group to oversee the election process in florida. the whole idea is absoutely absurb, why in the world would we petition for an international group to oversee our own private national elections?! did they even bother to think that chances are a good number of these overseers won't even be from democratic nations? what do they know of democracy? i'm glad they think the united states is too incompetant to handle this.

and finally, here's a good article outlining many of the things the media won't tell you about their darling john edwards. what a fraud.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

i never let on that i was on a sinking ship

i hit a squirrel on the way to work today. except i didn't nail it, it just kinda scraped the underside of my car, and when i looked in the rearview mirror it looked like it was just flopping around in pain. and when i came back after work it was gone, so who knows, maybe it lived.

that's the only optimistic thing i have to say in this post.

the kerry/edwards ticket was fairly predictable. too bad people are going to be fooled by his stupid southern accent into voting for them, regardless of the fact that he doesn't care about the little guy, instead he's a multi-millionaire trial lawyer who made his fortune on frivolous lawsuits. there's a real winner. sounds kinda like michael moore: a millionaire exploiting the lower rungs of society.

speaking of moore, i'd love it if for once the media would report to the american populace exactly what he thinks about them. that's right, he says that we americans are "possibly the dumbest people on the planet." that's right, he despises all those individuals going to spend their money on his propaganda. yep, he's a real crusader for the little guy.

in fact, he loves america so much that he's going to give more propaganda ammunition to the people who already hate it by opening the movie in countries like egypt, syria, jordan and lebanon. you know, countries where the people just love americans to death. literally. not only that, but moore's movie is actually getting support from groups related to hezbollah, the terrorist organization that is second only to al qaeda in the number of americans it has murdered. there's a great fan base for you. of course, michael moore is probably ecstatic. after all, we're too stupid for him anyway.

Friday, July 09, 2004

with eyes so dialated i've become your pupil

hey kids, i created a yahoo fantasy football league, so you all need to join. we can have up to ten teams, but i don't think we'll have to worry about not having enough room. the league id is #59987 and the password is gwbush. sign up!

Monday, July 05, 2004

start this off without any words

a good independence day yesterday. a whole bunch of people came over last night to set off fireworks, which was a blast (haha!). we used all our leftover stuff from last year and we had plenty of good stuff, i'm kind of surprised we went through it all. i'm really glad jason could come over since he is leaving today to be deployed with his unit in germany. freedom seems to mean a little more when there's someone defending it around. anyways, i'll be sure to post his address when i get it.

there's a ton of good movies coming out. i saw dodgeball, but i still need to see spiderman 2, then king arthur this wednesday, and anchorman friday. there's a ton of other good movies, like the village, alien v. predator, and more coming out this summer that should be good.

dangit. here i thought it was 9:15 this whole time, and i find out that there was a huge storm last night and it's really 11:30.