Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lent Without Facebook

Normally I don't observe Lent or the practice of sacrificing something important to me during it. This year, though, I decided Lent would provide me with an opportunity to cut out something that uses up too much of my time: Facebook. I am guilty of checking Facebook way too frequently, so I decided to go without Facebook for forty days (Lent is roughly forty days, right?) and see how it changes things in my life.

A few days in, I am starting to get used to not checking Facebook when online. At first it felt incredibly strange to not log in to Facebook when I got the computer, but I am gradually becoming more accustomed to it, and I can already see it freeing up time I normally wasted checking Facebook.

I've also felt a little cut off from things, especially from people with whom Facebook was my primary form of communication, but I think that may also change as time goes on. I'll check back in throughout Lent if there is anything notable worth updating you on.

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